Peering policy

AS203478 maintains an open peering policy, signed formal agreements are not required.

Physical interface
Peerings are possible at KleyRex (Frankfurt, Germany), LocIX (Frankfurt, Germany) and LocIX NL (Serverius DC2, Netherlands).

Peerings with AS203478 are cost-neutral for both parties.

Routing & Filtering
- Incoming routes are filtered against IRR (RIPE, APNIC, RADB, etc.)
- Peers must not announce private address space (RFC1918, RFC4193)
- Peers must not announce private ASNs
- Peers must not configure static/default routes to our routers

AS203478 will announce prefixes for all members listed in the AS-SET "
AS203478 originates the following prefixes:


No explicit SLA is guaranteed. tbspace Networks operates on a best-effort basis.

Want to peer?

Great! Send a mail to
Be sure to include your ASN, your prefix limit count and your preferred peering location.